The Gut Health Doctor - Recipe book photography / by Emma Croman

At the start of this year I was commissioned by the late John Hamilton - a hugely respected art director - to shoot a very special book for Penguin Life. It was with sadness that I never got to shoot with John but I did work with an incredible team along with author Megan Rossi in a location house in London to create the photography for this title.

This is one of those projects I will ever remain proud of. The book has hit no 1 and bestsellers charts across the board and is packed full of Megans insight and knowledge.

The book is available now - go here to buy. It’s lovely too see the images we shot on Megans website too.

The below images are shots that made it in the book and a few outtakes.

Author: Megan Rossi

Publisher: Penguin Life

Chef and food stylist: Libby Silberman

Stylist: Emma LaHaye

Design: Nic & Lou

Assistant: Olivia Newstead